New Year, New Goals!

Happy New Years!

I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday season.

Every year I start out with a very ambitious list of must things I need to sew and create for the year ahead, and this year is no different. What I love most about writing my new goals is the research that I put into it. I get lost in a creative rabbit hole perusing Instagram for inspiration. Typically this takes place when I should be in bed sleeping, and I always promise myself only 30 minutes. I know I am not alone and there are thousands like me who get lost in a social media vortex. 

Once I have finalized everything, the next step is to write it all down. However, before I do that I like to reflect on the year that has just passed and see what I accomplished. I am very diligent in the fact that I write down all the quilts I've done complete with start date, end date and even when it was quilted (if it has gotten to that stage yet).  Sometimes I will carry forward things I really want to do, but just kept getting put on the back burner, and then there are times I cross it off the list all together.

Some of my highlights from 2022 was doing a Park Bench block of the month with my sewing bestie, Tiffany. While I didn't get all the blocks done I have one or two more to do, they are at the top of my priority list for this year. I blame the spring flood we had that rendered my sewing room useless for six months this year. I was subjected to sewing on the kitchen table. The kitchen island was the perfect hight for cutting. Needless to say I didn't get much done in those six months.  My favourite quilt I did this year was the Book Nerd quilt.  The pattern consists of machine sewing along with Foundation Paper Piecing.  During my reflection of 2022, I made a big realization that machine quilting is not my jam. I tip my hat to those who are pros at it. It is a lot harder than I realized.

Wherever your goals take you this year, I hope you have a fantastic 2023.



Book Nerd quilt in all Tula Pink fabric!
Book Nerd Quilt:
Pattern by: Angela Pingel
Fabric by: Tula Pink


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