Lewis & Irene - Christmas Trees Slate

Lewis & Irene - Christmas Trees Slate

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If you haven’t heard of Hygge (pronounced Hoo-Guh) then you will more than likely have felt it before.
It’s a delightful Danish and Norwegian word that can only be translated as a sense of cosiness or contentment.
The sort of feeling you get from a delicious evening dinner with friends, sipping a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows or
sat in your favourite chair by an open fire. Hygge can be felt or created in many ways.
Inspired by trips across Nordic countries and our love of the cheeky Tonttu (house elves) …

100% Cotton fabric. Machine Wash Cold. Dry Low. Great for quilting and other cotton print projects.

All yardage is cut in a continuous piece

Manufacturer: Lewis & Irene
Material: 100% Cotton 
Weight: Quilting 
Width: 44 inches