Tula Pink x Aurifil "Curiouser & Curiouser" Thread Collection

Tula Pink x Aurifil "Curiouser & Curiouser" Thread Collection

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TULA Curiouser & Curiouser by Tula Pink

Colors included:
1104, 1133, 2135, 5015, 2105,1231, 2880, 2835, 1148, 4093, 2270,
4020, 2588, 2479, 2423, 2026, 6726, 2770, 2520 and 2581

100% Aurifil cotton mako thread. 20 spools, 50wt - 220 yards each.


What type of Cotton does Aurifil use?
Aurifil is 100% Egyptian Cotton, grown in the MAKO region of Egypt on the river Nile. When considering the quality of cotton we can make the comparison to that of wine, different geographic areas offer different attributes to the raw material. Aurifil thread is long staple, which refers to the length of the fibers in the raw cotton Boll, the length of the fibers determine the quality of the cotton.

Is Aurifil thread organic?
While Aurifil threads are not organic, they are Oeko-Tex certified. Oeko-Tex certification relates to how a product is processed, including things like dyes and finishes used. It means that the threads are certified free of harmful chemicals and are completely safe for human use. Or… in quilter’s terms, you and your loved ones can wrap yourselves in those lovingly stitched quilts without worry!